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Why do a Run n Gun?


Why NOT do a run n gun? Run n gun is a great way to get outside and see what you’re capable of, and where you can improve! Being able to shoot well from a bench is great, but not all shooting is done from a solid rest. Part of the fun of RnG is seeing how proficient you are with your firearms when you’re tired, out of breath, heart rate elevated, and when you’re in less than ideal shooting positions! Plus, having a TON of gear is cool and all, but can you move with it? What and how much would you take with you if you had to relocate? Can you carry 6 firearms, 1,000 rounds of ammo, and food and water on your person to survive for days at a time? Maybe, but you’ll be a slow moving loot drop for anyone that wants your stuff. Plus, you’re bound to meet some great people at RnGs! Come be a part of an amazing community!


Do I have to run it?


In short, no. You don’t have to run it. The course may be long, and the gear heavy, but the quicker you’re able to get from A to B and successfully engage the targets, the more dangerous you are! 


Will I be able to resupply along the course?


Competitors must start and end the course with everything they need to successfully complete the course, including water and ammo. You will not be able to restock on ammo after you’ve started. You can carry loose ammo and reload magazines along the way, but it will be done while you’re still on the clock. There may be water at some of the shooting stations, but only when weather deems it appropriate. 


What gear will I need?


Short answer: Whatever you need to successfully complete the shooting stations, and course, including obstacles.

Long answer:


Typically AR15 with some kind of magnification optic. Red dots and magnifiers or LPVOs are most common. 4x magnification recommended.


Recommended semi-auto in calibers between 9mm and .45.



We recommend carrying 2-3x the amount of ammo that is needed to successfully complete the shooting stations. No green tip, steel core, or armor piercing ammo will be allowed. Keep in mind the distances of the targets you’ll be engaging. You don’t have to carry the heaviest, most expensive ammo.


Chest Rig


Most competitors use a chest rig to carry additional magazines and gear. If this is your first RnG, you can probably get away with something less expensive, no need to break the bank. Some options are Helikon-Tex, Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems, and I know Amazon has a bunch of ‘Amazon specials’ for less expensive options. Do some research, and see what you think you’ll like, test it, and decide for yourself.


Shooting Belt


Competitors use a shooting belt to hold their holster/ handgun, additional magazines, and other gear. There are tons of options, but I’d recommend Blue Alpha gear or Subsecond belts. Again, no need to break the bank. Do some research and see what you think you’ll like, test it, and decide for yourself.


Hard Retention Holster


All competitors MUST use a hard retention outside the waistband holster for their pistol that is mounted to their shooting belt. No leather holsters or soft holsters. No chest mounted or appendix carry holsters. You can use a drop-leg holster if you’d like. Some options out there are Safariland, Alien Gear, We the People. Again, do your research, test it, and decide for yourself.


Ear Protection/ Eye Protection


Competitors must use ear and eye protection, for obvious reasons. You can use the simple ear plugs or opt for electronic over the ear pro (Walkers for example). Protect your eyes too people, shooting glasses, impact resistant sunglasses, just use common sense.




Competitors MUST run with water. Whether you carry plastic bottles of water, canteen, Nalgene, or hydration bladder (Camelbak, etc.), we don’t care, but you must start the course with water. No littering either. Don’t leave trash (excluding spent brass).


Can I run with a friend/ in a group?


As scheduling permits, yes. If you wish to run with a group, it’s best to order the tickets together and email stating you wish to run together, and who with. We’ll do what we can to accommodate your request, and usually can.


What about food and lodging?


Competitors will be responsible for feeding and housing themselves. At some events, there will be food options (food trucks, concessions, etc.). At most events, there will be an option to camp at the event location, otherwise look up hotels/ motels/ Holiday Inns or AirBnBs, unless you’re making a day trip. Range Officers will be fed and housed for the weekend of the event. Email us for any questions on this -


What kind of shooting will there be?


A mix of everything. Rifle targets will typically be 75-500+ yards with some longer range targets depending on the event location. We intend to make the vast majority of the shooting ‘reasonable’ for the most common weapon systems competitors use (AR15 or AK in .223/.556/ 7.62). Pistol targets will typically be 10-50+ yards with the vast majority being ‘reasonable’ targets for the more common weapon systems competitors use (semi-auto calibers in 9mm or .45). Most, if not all targets will be steel. 

The shooting positions will vary from standing, crouched, or prone. Sometimes behind barricades, sometimes not. Stronghand with and without support. Weakhand, with and without support. Maybe some awkward positions too, who knows? You won’t until you’re out there! That’s part of the fun!


What are tokens?


Tokens will be awarded for completing certain obstacles along the course. Once you finish the race, your tokens will be used for entries in a prize drawing for EPIC prizes. The tokens must be carried with you along the way, so we recommend having a way to store small, light items with you while you run the course.

Will there be any prizes?


Prizes will be awarded to our top competitors. We’ll have a prize table of donated items from our awesome event sponsors that competitors will be able to choose from in a first come, first served basis. Meaning whoever is 11th place will get to choose their prize before 12th place. Make sense?

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