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Recommended Gear

helikontex chest rig.jpg

Chest Rig or Plate Carrier

Having quick and easy access to essential gear like magazines is crucial when working to complete shooting stations. We recommend brands like Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems, Run & Gun Solutions, or Helikon-Tex. There are also more affordable "Amazon Specials" that also get the job done. Ultimately, your preferences are your own, and you won't know what you like until you put it to the test.

subsecond match 1.5 belt.webp

Shooting Belt

Competitors use a shooting belt to hold their holster/ handgun, additional magazines, and other gear. There are tons of options, but we recommend Blue Alpha gear or Subsecond belts. Again, no need to break the bank. Do some research and see what you think you’ll like, test it, and decide for yourself.

esstac kywi.jpg

Mag Pouches

Securing your mags on your belt so they don't fall out while you're moving, but can still be easily grabbed when needed is important. We recommend Esstac KYWIs, Blue Alpha, or HSG mag pouches.

hsg rifle pouch.jpg

Water / Hydration Pack

These run n guns are physically taxing. You must start each course with water, whether you carry a Nalgene, canteen, CamelBak, or other hydration bladders is your choice. You can also use water bladder type backpacks to carry additional magazines, ammo, or snacks you'll want or need to complete the course. Haley Strategic also makes one that works with their chest rigs - FlatPack or FlatPack Plus

walker ear pro.jpg

Eye / Ear Protection

Some form of ear protection and eye protection are required.


Whether you use simple in-ear plugs or the electronic over-the-ear muffs is up to you.

Eye protection can be shooting glasses, impact resistant sunglasses, your call. Just have something to protect yourself.

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